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Behind The Scenes - Building a Custom Framework for an AIDA Advertisement

Want to see more examples of custom frameworks being built from the ground up?

Learn the construction or "building blocks" to great custom frameworks in this short video.

Hey Everyone, Alec here. :)

This video was made in response to a question that was asked in the Facebook community. 

The question was in regards to seeing the data behind a seemingly more advanced custom framework.

What exactly goes into building a framework that seems like it has multiple outputs, such as an AIDA ad?

For Example: When you give a description of your product or service to ClosersCopy, how do we get 4 separate outputs in 1 generation? 

(Attention, Interest, Desire, & Action.) 

This can seem confusing when we often see examples that have 1 topic or description and then A.I. returns 1 output. 

This quick video goes in depth on building a custom framework that can return 4 points of interest such as an AIDA advertisement.

If you just want to see more behind the scenes of people building out Custom Frameworks so that you can model them and create your own, this video should help!

- Alec "Quality Input" Barnes

P.S. Remember to play around with your settings and tweak your sample data, as well as your input, for best results.

Quality input = Quality Output

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