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We gathered 100 comments from our community.


Forget all the GPT-3 toys you've tried, this absolute monster of a copywriting tool uses a proprietary AI and it's incredible. Don't like any of the premade templates? No worries, simply create your own framework from scratch! Or choose one of the many amazing examples created and shared by the community from inside the app.

Speed of development is remarkable, the founder seems to be rolling out new features constantly. The only thing I dislike is how much of a sycophant I've become. Seriously, just join in and get ready to be blown away. They are in the process of preparing full training materials which can't be easy when the product is being developed so quickly. For now you will need to learn from the community - there is a huge library of hints and tips on Notion, collated and created by the group admins. There is also a load of YouTube videos from the founder demonstrating new features, which you will find links to in the Facebook group. The community in the Facebook group is exceptional and there is always someone posting who can help out.

ClosersCopy will spoon feed you AI generated content from pre-made templates as good as all the others, but the real value comes from creating your own frameworks and joining them together to create custom workflows with their proprietary AI. Not sure how they did it, but in my experience it's vastly superior to OpenAI.

I wish I'd found this before all the other GPT-3 tools I've bought in the last year - I would have saved a fortune!

Catherine Rzecki

I only joined 1 hour ago and have produced a beautiful blog post. I have to tell you ... this CC is phenomenal !! I bought Jarvis only 2 days ago but it's NOTHING compared to this. I'm honestly astounded at how "intelligent" it is. My blog post is way better than anything I could have produced. With Jarvis I had to spend a lot of time re-writing, but with CC I didn't need to rewrite anything. I also have Spin Rewriter but again I have to spend so much time making so many changes because the finished article made no sense. I'll be cancelling Jarvis, for sure!! And I won't be using Spin Rewriter again. I'm very slow with CC naturally, but when I've read all the help documents and done a tour, I can see I'll be using it every day. You're a lifesaver. 😀 CONGRATULATIONS on a beautiful, intelligent, and amazing product 😀 Sincerely, Catherine Rzecki ❤

Hugo Hamel

I was on a call with a friend showing him some of AI tools, and after testing all of them, I thought that I should share my favourite with you all. What I liked, is that not only you can use their GPT-3 AI, but you can train their AI to use your very own custom frameworks.

In my opinion, ClosersCopy is pretty much the combination of the perfect tool box for a copywriter, and I was really impressed with the results. As a beginner copywriter, I ended up writing 8 ads in few hours, and I was actually proud of having done that myself even if I had to use an AI to help.

PS - They currently have a lifetime deal and have a 15% discount that you can use with the coupon: LIFETIME15

Richard Stout

Without doubt, both THE best Ai tool and ltd I have ever purchased!

Nico is an insane level developer and ClosersCopy has continued to improve and grow at a phenomenal pace.

The recent update, allowing users to train their own frameworks was a game changer, elevating ClosersCopy far beyond Nico, into a powerful community driven product!

Almost daily, you can jump into the Facebook group, and alongside an attentive and knowledgeable team, to find a new framework, feature or valuable insight.

If you are able to, BUY THIS NOW! The price, in line with it's value, will only continue to grow.

Congrats Nico!

To the Moon 🚀

Moris Polanco

Being new at AI, at first I was skeptical about CC. Besides, I was familiarizing myself with Jarvis and, frankly, I didn't think that CC could beat Jarvis. But I decided to test CC on the use of long form, which is really what I am interested in. I tried to write a philosophy essay, and just provided the first paragraph. The outcome was AMAZING. It was like having a dialogue with a colleague. The result is just a fine piece of philosophy. And I must add: it was all in Spanish. Immediately, I paid for the lifetime deal, which, by the way, it is far cheaper than the rest of the writing assistants. *****

Md Kaysar Kabir

ClosersCopy is the game changer right now on the AI market to generate unlimited long-form content. The tool is huge useful to me in my daily life. ClosersCopy saves me thousands of hours for idea generation, outline creation, long-form content writing and so on. The frameworks is awesome. I can build my custom frameworks within a minute. The new features and improvement are being added regularly. The support is also brilliant. The founder Nico is a kind man to support and listen to the community people. I love Closerscopy.

Marcos Ruvalcaba

ClosersCopy is perfect for those of you who are serious about taking advantage of a world-class AI writing tool.  

It's not just for direct marketers. Anyone can use these proven tools for stronger results in any area of their life. I'm also a student and it helps me with writer's block!  

This is a truly remarkable product and I highly recommend it! I can't wait to see what else Nico brews into the tool!

I'm crossing my fingers and hope to get an integrated Fact Checker by Christmas. ;)

Nikhil Agrawal

Closercopy is a great tool for anyone who needs to create long-form content.

It's the best of the bunch. The output from this tool is of such a high quality that it feels almost like magic.

The best part of this AI tool is it's custom frameworks, with custom framework you can generate the output the way you will like in your tone and your way of writing.

I also appreciate that it has a very active and helpful community. All in all, an outstanding product, and I highly recommend it.

Max Bissolati

It's a really great product, in what is becoming a competitive niche. ClosersCopy has some tricks up it's sleeve when compared to its direct competitor Jarvis: such as Frameworks and a proprietary AI along with GTP-3.

I find myself using CloserCopy every day and I look forward to seeing it evolve in the coming years. The community on Facebook, along with Nico, seems to be the secret sauce for such an amazing product.

I can't recommend ClosersCopy any more highly! :)

To the moon 🚀

Anshul Jain 

After trying out all the other major AI writing tools (Jarvis, Rytr,, Writesonic, and more), I stumbled upon Closerscopy. And I'm glad I did. It's helped me double my writing output myself, and I'm training my writing team to use it as well. Took less than a month for me to recover my investment in the LTD - absolutely worth it. And Nico is one of the best developers I've seen - always prompt to respond and he's actively developing it further. Can't wait for CC to go all the way to the moon!

Christoffer Elisiussen

WOW! ClosersCopy is a copywriting assistant that has been indispensable for my own workflow. It's surprisingly simple to use, so it works great for beginners or people who are more advanced. The templates are fantastic and include templates for blogs, sales pages, email campaigns, landing pages etc. It's helped me come up with creative and unique ideas on the fly, and It does an excellent job at creating high quality content at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional copywriter.


Nico and the rest of the magicians at ClosersCopy not only have put out a fantastic writing tool but they continue to make a good thing better. The community that has grown around this AI tool is one of the more involved and helpful groups I belong too and I am in a bunch of them. Of all the AI tools I have collected, there are two that I use every day and CC is one of them. Keep up the great work CC and I will keep cranking out the content - thanks in part to your wizardry. - Steve D.

Kody Bunnell

The templates are a great starting point to get ideas! The thesaurus feature definitely helps with finding words that aren’t overused and makes your text more original plus the insights are epic! Hands down though, the support is AWESOME! Nico was super patient and walked me through things, and realized that it was user error. Everything was resolved and he was super polite. For easy to get started templates I definitely recommend ClosersCopy 🙂 Thanks again for your help, Nico!

ABD Hisham

I love ClosersCopy, because...all the new updates that had been done to make copywriting is as easy as possible and I'm don't have any regret for my investment in ClosersCopy cause I think this software is a Goldmine for who want to make a living in copywriting also this ClosersCopy is the copywriting essentials for the future and beyond your imagination. I love ClosersCopy, it is an AWESOME Tools for my business ............ PERIOD!

Michelle Penny

My tool of the year without question! Just using the the built in frameworks and tools will make a huge difference to your productivity, but believe me the ability to create custom workflows and frameworks is a total gamechanger and puts this above any other AI product on the market. The community is amazing and the way Nico listens to feedback and constantly evolves the tool is like nothing I've experienced. 10/10.


Among all the AI copywriting tools available at the moment, ClosersCopy strikes me as the silent assassin. The fact that it was designed to help people write better copy before the AI integration happened, gives this tool a structure that none of the others have. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this tool goes, it's an awesome addition to my software arsenal.


ClosersCopy is a good solid product. Nico is also a great guy with the right vision.

It's a completely different breed compared to those that are lately escaping the GPT-3 zoo. And that's a good thing.

And another great thing - the author didn't incentivize his customers to leave a review here - and let's admit it, that's a rarity on PH lately, lol.

Amit Desai

ClosersCopy is one of the best AI tools on the market. It's extremely flexible, and you can adapt it to your own style using custom workflows & frameworks. Most importantly, Nico is continually tweaking, improving and adding amazing upgrades that have drastically increased the overall value of the product. Highly Recommended!

Aura Gatton

I started using ClosersCopy weeks ending April 2021 and began creating my Notion notes. To my surprise, ClosersCopy’s AI model (GPT-3 DaVinci) understood the words and phrases I used as commands — without even using shortcode. With just the EXPAND tool, I came up with a lot of UNREVEALED USE CASES it can offer.

Samiul Hasan

This is the first copywriting tool that I've been really happy with. It's simple and effective. I can use it to create my articles and blog posts, and it's the best investment I've made. It's easy to use, it saves me hours every week, and I love how it makes my articles look great. I highly recommend this product.

KC Wong

Congrats on the launch of ClosersCopy at ProductHunt! I've been using this AI writing software since August 2020! A fantastic AI writer for sales copy, ads, articles, blogs, emails, you name it! Try it and be blown away! Take ClosersCopy to the moon, Nico! Good luck and wishing you all the best!

Jeanita Sykes

I’m super excited, bought my subscription at like 1 in the morning!! 🤣🤣 Now I'm poking around and so far LOVE the UI, and the insights! Not only am I seeing good templates but I feel like I'm walking through a Masterclass and learning better Copywriting skills!!! Great Job Nico!

Rami M. Amin 

I have been using it for a few months now. ClosersCopy has evaluated from a framed-writing assistant into an AI-enhanced writing powerhouse. It takes a while to get used to the workflow, but I love the constantly developing framework library. All the best @nico_engler !

Andy Lim

If you need an AI to give you some ideas on your content or copywriting work, ClosersCopy will get the job done. Nico has released surprising and regular updates. With the new frameworks, you can actually create contents for your niche. Thanks Nico for your IM toy.

Prab Randhawa

Nico Engler is very involved in the community and responds to client needs. This is increasingly rare in today's world and a great indicator of the type of business that Nico is building long-term. If you write sales copy, then this is a no-brainer.

Nuno Palha

This is a game changer! Great Product from a great Founder. Updates have been regular and having this in my Digital Warrior Toolset, has been very helpful, for marketing purposes but also For building anything online that requires good copy.

Ruhani Rabin

You will not go wrong with this. I am using this for the last 3 months and new changes never cease to amaze me. Thanks Nico for the hard work and listening to us - small people! It may take a little time to get used to but totally worth it.

ABD Hisham Senin

Overall CloserCopy is my most valuable and great investment during my time in the online space. It has an easy UI and navigation and I don't need any training while using it cause it has such a simple interface for all my copywriting needs.

Rodrigo Palma

On top of all ClosersCopy strengths already written, Nico's vision to make ClosersCopy the best Copywriting tool, among with his openness to listen to ClosersCopy's great community, make a game changer combination for success.

Tracy Ingram

Closers copy is the silent killer in the AI content market, new features coming out so quick its hard to keep up and expands beyond typical GPT-3 letting you train the AI. I have been very impressed by ClosersCopy and ?nico


The creator is always adding new features to the tool and the FB group is a vibrant place to get to know the software and best ways to use it.

You'll always get a lot of ideas from the community and the tutorials.

James Longley

I say this with love and respect but you're a damned fool if you aren't using ClosersCopy. Been onboard since just about day one and Nico is the real deal. Pace of development melts your face.

Gaurab Das

This is a very good tool… Unlike other tools that generate copy. This tool helps to write very unique copy by following copywriting protocols. NO PLAGIARSM. My best buy this year!

Daniel von Veltin

Every GPT-3 creator should be aware of ClosersCopy. In my opinion they have the best editor with tons of features. Yesteday they introduced a new version of the editor... oh boy.

Charles Gaillard 

I absolute love the product, but what makes it really super is the amazing FB group that ClosersCopy has. Nico and users add very useful frameworks and functions all the time.

Glenn Freeman

I have purchased several AI tools on AppSumo and wish I saw Closer Copy first as I would have saved over $300.00. Oh well. Thank you once again for your help.

Sreekanth PM 

Not Hype: This is one of the best AI writing tool currently in the market. Nico had done a great job in building some cool features with custom frameworks.

emcee melvin HO!

Been on board for few months and this awesome tool is developing at lightning speed!! Kudos to Nico for sending this to the moon!!! ❤️❤️❤️🚀 🚀 🚀

Aristotle Malichetty

Awesome product, you can write Blog, sales pages and emails everything in some clicks. Definitely recommend it.

To the moon 🚀

James Longley

UI is looking sexy as hell. Huge UI improvement and the AI is coming along nicely ⭐

Ramesh Rawat

ClosersCopy is the best alternatives.

Kay Schönberg

Thumbs up ! You won't regret the purchase !

Azri Adam

I'm one of the buyer that almost hit the REFUND button on May 2021.

I'm not sure if it's Nico or Megatron (ClosersCopy AI) that replied to my refund email, but I'm sold. I hold my refund and watch it grows until now. I'm not a copywriter or business owner that needs copywriting for ads or blog posts. I'm just a developer that needs some content for my staging/development websites so my review might not be suitable for you.

What I like the most about CC is how flexible it is (no GPT-3 restrictions). Do you know that CC have 3 different AI engine? SalesAI to write sales pages, ads and promotional emails, BlogAI to write articles, blogs and press-releases, and lastly StoryAI to write stories. You can also create your own framework to generate endless amount of copies!

Here's a snippet taken from one click of community framework inside CC (thanks Anshul Jain!) using SalesAI engine. I didn't modify much to make it relevant:

ClosersCopy is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme that can write your blog posts or ads with just one click. It's not going to solve your problems with copywriting overnight, nor is it a magic pill that will make you a world-class copywriter. But what it WILL do is provide you with an endless amount of relevant examples, and allow you to create high-converting sales copy much faster and easier. I think it’ll be very valuable to most copywriters and business owners.

You can try for a month and refund if you're not satisfied with it.

Let's go to the moon 🚀

Or we might have missed it due to CC development speed 🤪

Ricardo Gonzalez 

My wife and I run an online business and when we're looking for online tools, that will make our business life easier, we focus on results.

When I came across ClosersCopy, almost a year ago, the likes of other "AI content creators" such as Rytr, Shortly ai, Jarvis a.k.a. "Conversion AI" were making waves on Facebook. ClosersCopy wasn't making its wave over the water, if you will, it was a tsunami making its way in undetected.

ClosersCopy wasn't quite up to par then, but as the months went by, Nico, the developer and owner of ClosersCopy, started bringing in updates that have been impressive, to say the least.

The frameworks that have been created and shared by other CC users, within our Facebook community, are priceless.

The constant positive and friendly engagement from ClosersCopy's Facebook followers has given my wife and I a place to call home in the Facebook community.

Especially when it comes to framework creation ideas or learning how to use and combine ClosersCopy's newest features for great content. ClosersCopy has opened up a "Pandora's Box" for creative and brainstorming ideas on how to utilize ClosersCopy's AI engine to produce engaging, relevant and meaningful content.

We can't say enough about ClosersCopy, Nico and Aura Gatton ClosersCopy Facebook admin, they're the best.

Thanks Nico! For dedicating your time to make ClosersCopy a part of our business and make writing fun.


We're all going to the moon now! 😁🚀 °○

Shivakumar K Naik

ClosersCopy is my 1st purchase when it comes to Ltd offers. Really the tool is a very helpful tool to write content for my website. Good thing is they got plenty of custom frameworks that are available for free, which makes it the best AI tool in the market.I have tried other tools but none of them compare to ClosersCopy's features and capabilities.Time to talk about LEGEND - Yes its none other than a wonderful SOUL called NICO the founder of CC.Ya Nico is a nice person who always makes sure that we get what we were dreaming for. I swear Nico is the only person whom i have seen to really cares about his customers ( family ) and also tries his best to make sure that we get what we want from him as soon as possible. Love u Nico...Thanks for giving us this at affordable price with unlimited plan.God bless you with Health & Happiness

Dan Dan

ClosersCopy is a great tool that make my life easier in the copywriting process. First time I using this tool, they provide a lot of templates in sales letter, email, web copy and ads. The most often tools that I used is sales letter tools that save my time, I just use copy wizard or drag and drop copy template to my editor and then edit a few text to match with my related product. They also provide insight analysis tools like emotion, sentence, keyword and spam that give me insight to make my copy better. Now, they deliver new great feature by adding AI framework that help me to automate my writing copy and I love it. The most often AI feature that I used are Expand and Rephrase. It will create new copy based on your highlight text inside editor. Thank you for delivering great copywriting tools.

Zaki Khalifa

I didn't want to write much, I wanted to give 3 words only "I am impressed". Since I have a space to write then I will write with my own brain, not with AI this time, this is to say Thank you for the dedication, devotion and the hard work behind this beautiful platform. I've been following lots of comments and feedback on facebook, youtube and the entire web about Closer Copy, with no doubt I grabbed the highest tier, but I couldn't get the time to use it, I've been logging in and out without understanding how to use it, but today we are on holiday and I had a great time to use it intensively and I was totally impressed and fall in love with it.Well... Thank you very much CC Heros and I wish you all the best

Juster Pastillo

ClosersCopy has been a godsend. It has helped me create content faster than ever before. Oh, and that blinking cursor of death, it has seldom shown his face since I met this wonderful app. I'm more impressed with Nico, the creator. His dedication and hard work have made ClosersCopy significantly improve over time. An excellent software coupled with a great founder is the perfect recipe for success. This is definitely one of the best AI writing tools out there, if not the best.


Josh van Veen

Closers Copy is an amazing tool that helps write almost anything you can think of. With the power of AI as your assistant it is now easier than ever to generate useful engaging content. Thanks to Closers Copy I now have an unlimited long form AI empowered text editer. Thanks Nico Engler and team this app is definitely one worth using.

Jehd Daven Taule

You're incredibly wonderful, you never cease to amaze us. Glad you're the owner of ClosersCopy. May you have abundant blessings to come like what you are giving to us members. May you have an unlimited wealths and happiness in life. Again, thank you so much.

Mayyas Imran

Guys Congrats, I have been using your tool for months now, ever since I saw the ad. At first I didn't believe in it, I took me probably 10 ads to convert. But what a conversion it has been, hats off, I'm using your tool more than Grammarly now.

David Maynar

This tool is by far the best one I have EVER tried. And the AI that they use is just out of this world...I honestly don't think there is a better deal on the internet for copy software...Do yourself a favor, and get this RIGHT NOW!

Levon Callinan

This is amazing. Will record a video review shortly on it. It's a genuine time saver for anyone that writes sales copy. 👍👍👍👍👍

Caleb Zane Garden

Hi Nico, I just wanna text you saying I love the new updates and investing in this deal was one of my best decisions.

Nate McCallister

Bought yesterday. None of these types of tools are perfect but this one is really the best one I've played with.

Shakil Ahmed

Great Writing AI tool and Founder Nico is also a amazing man.

Pera Detlic

One of the best AI tools out there! Great for long form.

Sergio Aoun

Literally the best copywriting software ever!

Vijay Mathurthi

Great to explore wonderful product

Xav Tai

ClosersCopy provides its users with a lot of powerful features, including the ability to choose between 3 different AI models, each trained over its own niche (Sales, Blog, Story), or create custom frameworks to give you whatever style of copywriting you want, and many more. Furthermore, it is the only AI writing tool that has a writing style that specializes in copywriting for direct response marketing.

Additionally, its founder interacts frequently with the users, gets feedback and releases regular updates for the software. In ClosersCopy, the community is amazing where people help one another and generously share their frameworks in a library that other users can access and use.

This is truly an amazing platform.

Having already repaid multiple times over, I consider ClosersCopy one of my best investments. It's also one of my most used tools on a daily basis. This software is a great asset for business owners looking to scale and build their businesses.

Highly recommended!

Alaa Bananaamah

I've been using Closerscopy for a while now, and it's really amazing how much it can help you produce high-quality content quickly. It has a very simple and easy-to-use UI, which makes it a joy to work with. It's a bit expensive, but if you're looking for an AI copywriting tool that does more than just rewrite your text, this may be what you're looking for. It's got some powerful features, such as It has three different models of AI: SalesAI, BlogAI, and StoryAI, each one of those trains specific areas. I especially like that they have long-form content and custom frameworks. I think that will be really useful for me and many other copywriters. All in all though, a great product, and I highly recommend it.

Archana K

I can actually go on and on about Closerscopy!It makes me so confident now. If I get stuck with writing, I know it's like my little buddy out there.I bought this even before the launch of AI (paperwhite)While am more excited about AI features, I love the guidelines templates even more.. I love marketing, and for this, the flow is very essential. It helps me with the flow naturally. I love that it allows me to learn the art of copywriting than anything else.And I must mention, Nico is very open to helping you with your copywriting journey. Whether it's the app, or a skill about copy, he is always there to support you.Thanks for such an amazing product Nico,

Lee Travathan

I am looking into this to replace my Automatic Script purchase… which took way more time to use than I thought it would. Not fun. Any comparative data that… as far as saving time? AS makes you go through a bunch of questions and then you end up with big text doc that then has to be fully edited and re-designed before it can be used. There is not way to test how effective it is going to be. Would this app be easier that that? I could not find any tutorials or review videos.

One week later…

I got it and tried it and it is MUCH easier to use. Already did my first project!

Billy Wigley

I know I already commented, and that’s ok. I’m building my first landing sales page and the I learn to this tool, the more I love it. The structure of the sales letter hits all the marks like authority, proof, scarcity, it’s all there. You can start with a template and build from there. The analysis tool is great, and you can even learn copywriting basics that will help you. All built in. I am benefiting greatly from your work, Nico. Thanks!

Nile Sangco

This software is legit and helps with your writer's block. It's also nice that the developer really put importance on a writer's point of view for its features (like the focus). There’re also helpful features like collaborating with your team to saving your own brilliant template. I hope there would be more template examples to choose from for every category but overall, it's a very useful software.

Debanjalee Sen

Closers Copy is a blessing.. As a writer, can't state that enough.. I have seen so many awesome and useful upgrades to this already fantastic AI tool since I bought it, which literally proves how serious and passionate Nico and his team are about Closers Copy and helping the customers. Nico and his support team are amazing too and reply back asap to sort out queries. All the best Nico✌🚀

Tyesha West

I am really impressed with the letters and the fact that they are so well written. They can literally fit any niche, especially mine. I seem to always get writers block and it causes me to hesitate on certain actions and this has literally helped me get past that. Thank you for helping me get started, thank you for giving me direction.

Spencer Washington

Hi! I just purchased your product, and WOAH! Just the brief little bit I have dived in so far, it really looks amazing! I just wanted to touch base with you all as well and introduce myself, and also say thank you for such a high quality product at such an affordable price! Best, Spencer Washington

Scot Robnett

It's the Word Processor I always needed when I had writer's block. I also love how it doesn't force me into unnatural page breaks since I write for websites.

Coach Ryan

Great product. I own 3 other AI Saas and CloserCopy by far beats them out. Congratulations on building such amazing software.

Levon Callinan

I have been using ClosersCopy still in the trial and it's time saving for me in a good way.

Peter A Edwards

A must have tools though it takes a bit to get used to using.

James Crighton

A great and very helpful product, really like it!

KC Wong

Nico Engler, the new editor is superb! ❤️❤️🔥🔥

Mousam Choudhury

One of the best ai writing assistant 😍

ABD Hisham

First of all I want to Thank Nico in advance for Creating ClosersCopy available to all of us as our Copywriting essential needs. ClosersCopy is the best and valuable investment during my time in the online space. With the new copywriting editor "Paperwhite" it is so easy to navigate and finish my Copywriting in minute and all the essential spice of idea is layout with no figuring out what to do next. What I really love the most is the recently launched AI frameworks, I'm using it to brainstorm to write with an AI beside my side knowing that I will not have the writer blocks to the screen and also I like the feature of AI Vault I hope Nico will add more samples in the future it so useful features. Although CloserCopy is Copywriting apps but it should have a feature to write VSL or Video Sales Letter Scripts because it is much needed to put our Copywriting in videos format nowadays, Videos is the medium platform for engagement in media social, I hope Nico will add this feature in CloserCopy and make CloserCopy a Full Solution for all our Copywriting Needs. Lastly I really enjoyed using CloserCopy although I hate writing before now I'm having fun writing for hours .Thanks Nico for this amazing Apps.

Jose Climaco

Yes - we in marketing know about marketing strategies, the psychology behind consumer behaviour, what drives them to buy etc. But without the right words to communicate these things to your target audience, no one will care about your business, and therefore, no one will buy. For many, creating powerful and persuasive copy can be the biggest challenge. And in many cases, creating the right copy consumes the most time. ClosersCopy is a great way to speed up the writing process and gather multiple ideas on how to communicate your message, knowing that the templates you're basing your copy from are templates that actually sell, whether you're writing headlines, video copies, blog articles, ad copies, sales letters and many more applications.


Good Day Nico, Too good to be true. Your product is awesome for me. It definitely helped a lot in developing my content writing and copywriting skills. Your software is really impressive. Your editors really engage us to write all through. AI does work to some extent. Not bad either. Sales letters, emails, headlines, power words, product support, and free credits were really cool. Didn't know that a company can really communicate with their clients to this extent with such software. Summing up: I am absolutely satisfied with your product and services. Looking forward towards travelling together to success. Keep rocking! Thanks, Nico

Edvin Mulalic

I find ClosersCopy useful whenever a sales letter or an ad is due. The templates give me ideas and help get the ball rolling, especially when the client doesn't have a full brief or a prepared outline, which happens often. I've studied copywriting a lot, and have been working actively for more than a year, still, I find myself needing to be reminded of core copy principles that I've just forgotten over time. It's nice to have everything in one place.


I wanted to share how great the new Paperwhite copywriting editor is. It offers a great workflow to create good content quick, with the tools you need the most at one click of distance, like highlight, outline or even the emotions analyzer which help me get the tone I want to deliver my output for and also to get my content goals by making sure I am using the correct amount of powerful words.

KC Wong

I bought this yesterday and I have been trying it out... It looks very very promising... I love the UI/UX and simplicity of using the app... there are many templates for headlines, copy, hooks, CTA, etc... for sales copy, ads and emails... this looks like a good buy and definitely a keeper for me... I am hoping for more templates to be added to the app in the future...

Mads Joensson

ClosersCopy is a great tool that takes care of the rough structure in your copy, so you can focus on the content and on your creativity. The fact that it also gives you an instant analysis on your copy's strength in terms of power words and positive words is an added bonus, and with its features, this app will improve your copy. I definitely recommend ClosersCopy!

Billy Wigley

As a course creator, it has really helped me with writing the copy for my webinars, and ads. I also use it to help me generate headlines for my live streams and course titles. One of my favorite features is the Analysis tool.


Rodney Yarde

Let me take a look and get back to you in a couple minutes.

**minutes later**

Kabbbooommmm no need to see anymore... I'm keeping this baby. Best money I'll spend this year so thanks for finding me lolol.

Vanda Chan

I bought this last week and one thing I love most is, there is no more OTO (upsell), it is really a genuine deal. The program is solid and well thought. Very easy to use and with many templates. I really love it! 😘😘😘


Closers copy is a game changer! It is a very useful tool that adds great value to writing. Pricing, features and benefits all add up to an amazing deal for Closers copy. Keep up the good work!

Shijor S

Congrats! ClosersCopy is a great AI content tool. Innovative features make it different from others. I have been using it for a few months now. All the best.

Nurul Ashikin Zasni

I like your software so much! I have used Funnel Scripts before. I just tweaked my introduction copy in my sales page and it converted well. 😊

Santosh Balakrishnan

I did get it, team. You are doing a fantastic job of responding to the comments in a personal way. Couldn't help but notice. 🙂

Marie-Theres Tschiersch

An excellent AI tool with great potential and excellent support.


Very easy to use with a clear UI. Thanks for creating it

Scot Robnett

Just picked it up last week. Digging it so far!

Alex Bassett

I really like the AI frameworks.


Loving every bit of it.

Ken Deltay

WOW! Nico! That's great! I will buy this! \(*<>*)/ It's custom where I live here in Asia to show thanks and appreciation with a bow... m(_ _)m Please close this ticket with a smile. \(*<>*)/ Aloha, Ken

Vincent Ng

Compared to funnel scripts, automaticscripts, this is more easy to understand and use for my current students & clients who are in eCom & direct response marketing.

Evan ADC

Hi Nico, I have purchased the Pro package, I believe this will be one of my greatest investments. Looking forward to utilize the product.

Matt Christian

I really love your software and it’s helping me be able to quit my 9-5 and focus on copywriting.


Goldie Maanu

Yeah, it’s looking awesome 😀 (comment on our new editor)

David Kalcher

ClosersCopy is THE piece of software that copywriters crave. It bridges the gap and pulls an editor, power word list and so much more together seamlessly. I would fully recommend it to everyone who has a small business and needs those words to be perfect!

Still having doubts?

Here's a summary

  1. No Limits
    You'll never run into any AI writing limits (Unlimited plan).
  2. No Filters
    You'll never run into any restrictions or content filters. We own our AI and support all kinds of topics (Competitors have to play by the rules of GPT-3/OpenAI and often hit you with "sensitive" content filters).
  3. No Upsells
    You'll will never be upsold: Our Unlimited Lifetime plan covers all future innovations and upgrades.
  4. Custom AI
    You can feed our AI with your own sample data. Competitors limit you to pre-written "universal" templates. This leads to average AI content. With us, you can use your own sample data. This leads to super-targeted AI content.
  5. Productivity
    You can make it reusable: Once you've added your own sample data, you can save it as a reusable framework. Once done, all you do is come back and use your Framework over and over again.
  6. Workflows
    You can build workflows: Once you have 3-5 frameworks that you use regularly, you can put them into a step-by-step workflow.
  7. Community
    You have access to over 300+ frameworks and 30+ workflows (and counting) shared by other members via our community libraries.
  8. Search Engine Optimization
    You can research currently ranking websites, get insights and use them as the foundation to optimize your own unique blogs/articles/EVERYTHING.
  9. AI Models
    You can choose between 3 different AI models: one writes to sell, one is perfect for blogging and the third is trained to write stories.
  10. Multilingual
    You can write copy in over 120+ languages (We support Google's Translation API as well as DeepL).
  11. Editor
    You have a full-fledged text editor: formatting, images, tables, emojis, outline... We have all of that!

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  • You’ll get immediate access after completing your order.

  • The market is flooded with AI tools. 95% of them use a general language model like GPT-3. These models are not trained to write marketing copy. Fortunately, our models are! Using our AI gets you REAL marketing copy that sells your products and services. And because we own this technology, you don't run into content filters, restrictions or limits.

  • Yes! This software is 100% cloud-based. There is nothing to download or install. All you need is an internet connection and a modern web browser like Google Chrome or Safari.

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